OHTOKC MalaysiaBy a video of Josh from YOUR Vintage Honda Mini’s I came across a really nice product: a 6v CDI ignition. When I re-entered the world of Honda last year, there were a lot of people advising me to switch from 6v contact points ignition to 12v CDI ignition. I was a bit reserved for several reasons. First of all: a contact point ignition works fine if the adjustment is correct. Especially if you have an advanced flywheel. Second, if you want to convert to a 12v CDI ignition you will need to modify your left crankcase as there is no room for the pickup. And finally: you have to replace all electrical items that are not suitable for 12v (all lamps, horn, battery, etc.). So it is quite an investment if you want to go from 6v to 12v.

But this 6v CDI ignition from OHTOKC is the best of both worlds. All you need to change is your base plate. The pickup is integrated in the light coil. So no external pick-up required. And perhaps best of all: you don’t have to make any further changes to your electrical installation. It spins with your own flywheel and generates your normal 6v. All you have to look for is a place to place the CDI unit. The CDI unit has advance, so even if you have a non-advanced flywheel, you already have an advantage!

I’ve done a few test drives with this ignition and I’m quite excited! It starts easily and the torque seems more even from low to high rpm.

Watch my video for details on the assembly and of course: subscribe!


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