Original HM087 DHBy far the most beautiful “Honda -sound” of the original HM087 exhaust as delivered in the 1970s. A design that seems to come from the 1960s, in the Netherlands we know this exhaust as the “DH” because of the letters D and H stamped on the bottom of the buck attack. They were only delivered in the Netherlands on the CD-50. In the late 1970s, Honda already stopped producing these exhausts and delivered the simpler HM067 (aka “D”) that didn’t sound the same.

The sound actually consists of two parts, a deep dark bass and a kind of ‘woody’ knock. What is striking is that, especially when the engine is idling slowly, almost every power stroke of the piston seems to be heard individually. Driving past a Honda with a DH exhaust at a somewhat greater distance also has a very unique sound. Even between whole groups of Honda’s you can effortlessly pick the DH’s out.

Although many have tried, none have succeeded in reproducing the famous DH sound of the 60s and 70s. A very well hidden Honda secret.